One of my hobbies is shooting photos and doing some arts with them, especially HDR and infrared.
Most of the normal pictures are taken with an Olympus E-3, the infrared images were shot with a MODIFIED SONY DSC-P71 (click for tutorial) where I replaced the infrared-blocking filter by another one only passing wavelengths > 800nm or with the Olympus and a HOYA 720nm filter (long exposures required).

Another quite new feature is my homebrew OLYMPUS REMOTE CONTROL via Infrared dffering interval shots, adjustable exposure times, exposure series, bulb start/stop, predefinable bulb time, remote shutter release, ...

Interesting if you like to do night shots is my high power LASER AUTOFOCUS ILLUMINATOR.

Here I'd like to share some of my preferred shots with you.


NOTE: Due to effort decided to continue sharing my pics on

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