Parrot - Software for Contesting


During one of our VHF contests we recognized that "screaming" CQ throughout the night couldn't be really a solution, so we looked up the internet for a proper software. But the programs we found had all some handicaps which made them rather unusable: no PTT output via RS232, no auto-repeat feature for the call, no proper possibility to cancel the CQing, so when you heared somebody the software just continued transmitting until you pressed some stamp-size buttons in the correct order ...

In other words we decided to write our own program with the following features:


"Parrot" Application

The software is still under development, but it's already working fine.

Due to timer limitations it's only capable of playing files no longer than one minute by now, but that doesn't seem to be really a problem cause for contesting a shorter call in the "repeat" mode with breaks in between to listen to the band would make a lot more sense ;-)

If you would like to test the program you can download it here, including all dll files required to run it.